Why did Boninho say Viih Tube “intentionally erred”

Why did Boninho say Viih Tube "intentionally erred"

Boninho will always be able to say that he was joking and making a joke, but the truth is that he sparked more hatred from the audience when he confirmed, at noon on Wednesday (21), in response to a follower, that Fei Tube had “intentionally missed” his play in the leader’s test, Benefit generation.

You know, he believed in this supposed YouTubers intent Jill changed his mind He did not refer it to the wall, which caused Great disappointment among your fans. FeiTube had already referred to the economist twice about the wall, but said he didn’t feel he was able to return the nod and sent Bukah into the spotlight. “I know what you guys are thinkingAt the end of the wall molding, Tiago Leifert mocked.

A word of directorBBB 21 “-“kkk was smart. Deliberately missed looking at a generation’s face– It strongly influences the perception of the spectators, and enhances the image that the YouTuber builds as a great, skilled and intelligent player.

BBB 21: Viih Tube congratulates Jill after his brother wins the Leader’s Test

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At night, during the program, it was Thiago Leverett’s turn to voice another provocation by the “BBB” management against Viih Tube. “Guess who she was dreaming about,” the presenter said sarcastically before the VT show where YouTube told Jill that he had dreamed of it. The suggestion was, of course, that the participant invent these stories to please whoever is in the lead.

Why did Boninho do that? I risk two interpretations:

1. Or Viih Tube Destination noBBB 21It has already been identified. The character most hated by viewers todayHe, polls show, has no chance of winning Reality show. In this sense, the intervention of the program manager has almost no effect on what happens to her in the next thirteen days.

2. Boninho knows very well that Viih Tube is the protagonist at this time One of the main (and few) remaining plots On the “BBB 21”. The audience, in fact, is mobilized by expecting to see it on the wall. The director’s speech amplifies this story and fuels further conversations about the show.

Notice. For the record, I don’t think Viih Tube was intentionally wrong. I think her gestures and rhetoric might have led Jill to believe it.

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