Secret Truth 2 Actress Makes Hell Angel’s Life In New Chapters TV News

Secret Truth 2 Actress Makes Hell Angel's Life In New Chapters TV News

Júlia Byrro made a spoiler about the series’ season series Secret Facts 2, which arrives at Globoplay this Wednesday (3). The actress revealed that Lara will finally come out against her Played by Camila Queiroz, responsible for the miserable life he leads in the interior of São Paulo. “According to her, this is all Angel’s fault,” he noted.

Poisoning Araides (Maria Luisa Mendonca), Guy’s half-sister (Gabriel Leon) would risk In her career as a model to get close and destroy her sister-in-law.

The newcomer explained, in an interview with reporter Ivo Madolio on Mais Você this Wednesday (two).

The translator also stated that she was surprised by the repercussions on Lara, who was not satisfied with seeing her mother being beaten. As well as the harassment of her stepfather Nicolao (Julio Machado).

Lara and Ariad in Secret Facts 2

Julia said, who did not expect to continue her career until she received the invitation.. to participate From the Walcyr Carrasco newsletter:

I studied, I was a model, but the thing I never imagined was becoming an actress one day. Living this way, even today, someone would have come out of the closet to say it was just a joke, and that it wasn’t real. so it is [quase] dream.

Secret Truths 2 will contain 50 chapters, With releases made in sets of ten episodes every 15 days. On the Globo streaming platform, the following premieres will take place on November 3 and 17, and then on December 1 and 15.

In all, there are 67 hot sequences. When it is broadcast on open TV, the series will win lighter version, as expected the news. The 2015 reboot will run on TV through December.

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