Who’s out on the second farm today?

Who’s out on the second farm today?

There are three new pawns on the field in A Fazenda 2023 and they will now need the public’s help to continue the game for a prize of R$ 1.5 million. But among those already trapped, who should leave on Thursday? Vote in the A Fazenda 2023 poll, watch the voting in real time and see the percentage of elimination on Thursday 10/05.

Vote for Fazenda 2023

See the details of who should leave.

Fazenda Poll 2023 – Who’s on the farm?

Tonzao: The singer ended up in the countryside after being recommended by farmer Andre Gonsalves. The name was a surprise and he was denied the right to participate in the farmer’s test after Rachel objected to it.

Jacqueline: The artist received ten votes from the house and went straight home.

Laranginha: The actor who was in the booth was pulled out by Jacqueline. He is considered the mentor of the cub group.

Sander: The singer stayed in one place and showed that he will need to strengthen his relationships on the reality show if he is not eliminated.

Now who’s left? Vote in the poll.

Fazenda Poll 2023 – Vote R7

The first step to voting today is to access the official Record website at www.r7.com/. Check the website tabs and click on the tab for the rural reality show. A new page will open and you will find there the official survey of the program at the beginning.

Tap the poll, check the names and photos of the contestants, then tap the poll you want to save. It is always good to remember that voting in Record is for the rest, i.e. always vote for your favorite, and the participant with the lowest score is eliminated from the program.

Choose your favorite and click on the pedestrian image to vote in the R7 A Fazenda 2023 poll. After that, simply go through the bot verification process by selecting “I am a human” and confirm your decision using the “Vote” button.

See schedule:

Monday: Screening of the film “Trial by Fire” (recorded on Sunday)

Tuesday: Roca’s first line-up, live, at 10:30 pm Brasilia time.

Wednesday: Farmer Test, live, 10:30 pm Brasilia time.

Thursday: First elimination of the season, 10:30 pm Brasilia time.

Friday: The program shows the coexistence of passersby and the start of the concert broadcast live at 10:30 pm.

Saturday: The program is recorded and shows everything that happened the night of the party. The attraction starts at approximately 10:45 p.m.

Sunday: Fazenda airs a little later, at 11pm, and also shows the latest spoilers from the reality show.

Follow A Fazenda 15 and vote in DCI’s A Fazenda 2022 poll.

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