Dawn has a coolant, the first DR and “ranço” for Naiara Azevedo

Dawn has a coolant, the first DR and "ranço" for Naiara Azevedo

The first night of the participants inside the house “BBB 22″ (Rede Globo) Commemorating the Beginning realityAfter arriving chilled with drinks and food. Despite the excitement of being in the game, Dawn also featured the show’s first DR, starring co-stars Natalia and Slovenia, both from the group Pipoca.

Even during the night, not everyone who was already in the house had a positive impression on the arrival of the Camarote members, who joined the Pipoca participants during this Monday evening program (17). At one point, Rodrigo and Lais admitted that they were actually “corrupt” from singer Nayara Azevedo.

Come with us to see a summary of what happened!

Cooler, music and food

After the coolant was released, excitement dominated the participants, who took the delicacy towards the lawn, outside the house.

BBB 22: Brothers and sisters dance at the first impromptu party

Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

While some danced and practiced choreography, others took advantage of the first night of reality to enjoy the pool, as was the case with Thiago Abravanel, Maria, Pedro Scobe and Douglas Silva.

First DR of BBB 22

Also during the party in the outdoor area, sisters Natalia and Slovenia starred in the first DR of the release.

It all started when Natalia decided to draw the attention of Miss Pernambuco about the situation that occurred in the first hours of living together. The sister said, “I’ll talk to your face, I’m not fake. I was upset because I thought you didn’t want me in the room.”

Natalia recalls: “When we were in the room, Vinnie and I and the others said: ‘I feel something in this room and everything, ‘so far I’m fine.”

Then Slovenia began to explain the misunderstanding, but was quickly cut off by Natalia, who said: “I don’t care what you think, because I know who I am. But I want to hear, because I may be wrong.”

The model apologized to Natalia and explained her version of the event: “If I give you a bad impression, I’m sorry. [do lado] “Popcorn has an audience and we don’t have anyone,” he concluded.

After the conversation, the two of them exchanged a hug on the lawn.

Slovenia and Natalia star in the first DR of the release - Globoplay / clone - Globoplay / clone

BBB 22: Slovenia and Natalia star in the first DR of the release

Photo: Globoplay / Reproduction

Ranso de Nayara Azevedo

In a conversation during the party, Rodrigo and Lais admitted their lack of sympathy for singer Nayara Azevedo after she arrived at the house.

Lais told Rodrigo that she felt a rotten sensation that she did not feel with anyone in Beboca.

“Do you know that the spoiled thing I said I didn’t feel from anyone from the popcorn? [com a Naiara]”.

After that, the doctor told her brother about the comment made by one of the attendants in the cabin in one of the rooms: “She said she was married and I don’t know how many years she couldn’t stand anyone above her. I almost said ‘I’m up, I’m at the top.'”

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