Who ordered Damiao to kill Zi Inocencio?

Who ordered Damiao to kill Zi Inocencio?

Damiao (Shaman) and Jose Inocencio (Marcos Palmeira) Rede Globo/Disclosure

Since his first appearance in “Renascer,” Damiao (Xamä) has made his mission clear: to kill José Inocencio (Marcos Palmeira). The stranger arrived quietly and ate along the edges until he was able to enter the cocoa producer's land. To get closer to the businessman, he asks for work, but Mariana's husband (Teresa Fonseca) finds a way to expel the boy from his farm. He will not abandon his mission, as he is hired by Egidio (Vladimir Bryshta) to kill Inocencio.

Pictures of the new characters appearing in “Renascer”

Egídio is the main enemy of José Inocencio. He tries in many ways to end his rival's life and seize his land. On several occasions, the villain plans ambushes to make the cocoa producer feel bad.

After failing to work on José Inocencio's land, he is hired by João Pedro (Juan Paiva), who confronts his father and asks the gunman to take care of his land.

When he starts working for João, he will become interested in Ritinha (Mel Muzzillo), with whom he will end up having a relationship. However, with the arrival of Eliana (Sophie Charlotte) to the farm, he will fall in love with Zee's wife Venancio (Rodrigo Simas).

Who plays Damiao in “Renascer”?

Damiao (Zama) in the movie “Renascer” – Photography: Fabio Rocha/Rede Globo/Disclogger

In “Renascer,” the role of Damião is played by Xamão, who first appeared in a fixed role in television series. He previously participated in the movie “Amor de Mäe” in 2019.

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The 34-year-old, known throughout Brazil for his work as a singer, reached the top of the music charts in early 2022 with his hit song “Malvadão 3”. Before his fame, the rapper sold peanuts on the train, was a street vendor, and also attended law school.


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