HBO Max is negotiating to acquire Grazi Massafera as a major star in 2022 TV News

HBO Max is negotiating to acquire Grazi Massafera as a major star in 2022 TV News

Out of Globo since their exclusive contract expired, in November, the actress Grazy Massafra She spoke with HBO Max, WarnerMedia’s streaming platform, to be the big star on the TV project, and the US company’s short series will also be called in 2022.

This would be Grazie’s first off-grid work that turned her into an actress after Big Brother Brasil. The artist worked on Audience Leader between 2005 and 2021.

HBO Max’s goal is for Grazi to help the company not only with his acting talent, which has been boosted in recent years, but also by his standing and popularity with the public.

the the news He spoke confidentially with a co-director in conversations with the star. The executive said the talks were in an “initial stage,” but said Grazie and she were excited to move forward in the negotiations. Information about this “dating” was expected by columnist Flavio Rico, from R7.

HBO Max 2022

If you sign with HBO Max, Grazi Massafera He will meet again with Silvio de Abreu, who was the head of the Dramaturgy Department at Globo for six years.And the author of several successful novels. On HBO Max, Abreu will be a “showrunner,” a kind of executive producer on the projects that will be undertaken.

HBO Max chose not to use the term TV series but rather due to its acceptance in overseas markets. But the productions will have about 50 to 60 chapters and language very similar to the plots currently being produced on Open TV by Globo and Record, for example.

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In addition to Silvio de Abreu, Grazi Massafera Might be teammates again with Monica Albuquerque and Joanna Jacabee, who were directors at Globo. The new names that had a marked passage through the station were also called. The goal is to advance recruitment after the year-end festivities.

Grazi Massafera has produced productions such as Páginas da Vida (2006), Business from China (2008), Modern Times (2010), Flower of the Caribbean (2013), Secret Truths (2015), The Law of Love (2016), The Other Side. From Paraíso (2017) and Bom Sucesso (2019), his most recent work, which has earned him praise for the role of protagonist Paloma.

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