Who left without limits? Find out how the fourth spent the lost TV News award

Who left without limits?  Find out how the fourth spent the lost TV News award

Camila Romaniuk Riding the Tram for Those Dismissed No Limit 6 (Globe) And she left the reality show in Thursday’s episode (12). In surviving, part of the participants referred to her as a weak link of the Moon Tribe. Thus, a biomedical graduate has lost the opportunity to receive R$500,000.

“We always thought it would be easy or easy, but it’s not. Anxiety is inevitable, I wanted to stay longer. Somehow, my heart is calm. I think I was able to say, especially to girls, all I wanted I didn’t do ‘No need to offend.'” to anyone or harm them at any time, so I guess I take that as a reward,” said the woman who was left out.

The end of the Kamyla line began after Elimination of Adriano Gannam. Moon tribe excitedly returned to the camp, including singing and dancing around the campfire. As the sun rose, the blue team sought to revise their strategies to avoid another defeat in the immune challenge.

At Tribo Sol, participants suffered from a lack of food, due to recent defeats in the franchise trials. Therefore, they ate sugar to increase glucose levels.

Proof of Excellence

In today’s circuit, participants had to paddle on a catamaran until they reached a platform. Once this step was completed, the participant had to swim to reach a set of keys and then return to the platform. Using the keys, the group should return to dry ground. Then they had to go through a new obstacle course to create a sea wheel at the end of the activity.

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In the aquatic phase, Tribo Lua managed to bypass Tribo Sol and was the first to return to Earth. With this advantage, the blue team gained time and was able to win the dispute.

“When the Soul tribe was far away from the Moon tribe, it was too bad because they put too much responsibility on me. At the same time, [a derrota] It was good to calm the mood, give the balls a drop. There is a big crowd there with a very high ball,” Mateusz Peres complained.

After the result, Fernando Fernandez informs that each tribe needs to charge a participant in a secret activity. Perez (Sol) and Victor Hugo de Castro (Lua) volunteer to take on the new challenge.

At the new Test Arena, Fernandez stated that the participant who won the activity is entitled to a double vote if the team goes to the elimination gate. Castro was faster and will be able to use his strength in elimination next night or Tuesday (17), should the team move to the hot seat.

Even with defeat, Peres decided to use the puzzle as an asset in the game: “They think there is a competition, they think I won it and they don’t know what it is. It’s perfect! The more they think I have the strength, the more I’ll use it.”

Immunology test

In the crucial episode of the episode, participants needed to work as a team to form a human chain. Whoever completes the chain first and manages to hold it steady for three seconds will win the challenge.

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The Soul Tribe was the fastest, but the chained blocks started falling as they neared the end. On the moon, falls also repeated. Therefore, all the tribes reassessed their strategies and reworked the joints.

In this analysis, Pedro Castro was able to implement a better plan, and thus Tribo Sol won the test for immunity again. However, the victory was not fully celebrated, as the team has yet to find a way to win the franchise experience – which guarantees more food for the group.

“When it comes to racing performance, you always need others from the tribe to give more! It’s becoming very clear today that when the payload is fairly divided among everyone, some people just can’t handle it,” complained Ipojucan Ícaro of Mon tribe, who put Camilla Romanyuk in the men’s goal.

Looking at this movement, part of the women of the tribe decided to re-attack the circus artist. With this script drawn, Okaru accused Joza Rize of trying to portray him as sexist due to his vote for Camila, who was supposed to be the weak link in the group because she was a woman, according to this account.

write-off gate

When the Lua tribe arrived at the gate, Fernandez immediately asked, “It seems like everyone in this tribe wants to paddle, but no one is willing to control a boat that gets out of control and sinks. Isn’t it? It’s time for someone to take the lead?” .

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Participants tried to answer the presenter, but failed to develop a logical line. In the count presented to the public, Camila received seven votes and left the show.

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