Who leaves BBB24? Between Alan, Beatrice, Isabel and Juninho, the poll showed bias; vote

Who leaves BBB24?  Between Alan, Beatrice, Isabel and Juninho, the poll showed bias;  vote

BBB Wall 24 Reproduction

Who will leave “Big Brother Brasil 24” on the wall on Tuesday the 6th of this month? How is voting in the poll today? For additional readers, right now, Juninho is the one who has to leave the house. The motorcycle courier received 75.13% of the votes, while Alan was close behind with 20.13%. Beatrice and Isabel appear as the least voted in the poll.

A new part of the seventh wall of “BBB 24” – Photography: Rerpdoução

Recalling that this is the first time in “BBB 24” that the audience must vote for who leaves the game. Until the sixth round, the votes went to whoever liked the crowds inside the most-watched house in the country. Luigi was the last to leave this chart, as the person with the fewest votes was eliminated.

Voting on EXTRA has no official validity, but serves as a thermometer for the feud and helps fans determine strategies. To influence the game, you must go to the official BBB website, at gshow.globo.com/bbb. Remember that you must register to vote.

One vote x the public vote

There are two ways to vote at BBB 24. In individual voting, a user can only vote once per wall. To access this vote, in addition to having a Globo account, internet users will need to provide their CPF number when voting.

Fan voting works the same way we already know it, as in recent releases. The user logs in with his or her Globo account, which he will access through a simple and free registration. You can vote as many times as you want.

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Each voting form (fan vote and individual vote) will have a weight of 50% and the final result will be the weighted average of the two formulas.

How to vote for BBB 24

  1. Type the link in your browser: minhaconta.globo.com. Registration is free and can also be done using your Google or Facebook account.
  2. If this is your first registration, you will receive an email to confirm and activate your Globo account.
  3. The next step is to register the phone number. You will receive a text message containing a confirmation code to verify your account.
  4. Then enter your details, as the account is individual. And ready! You can now vote for “Big Brother Brasil”!


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