Who is the famous person who “turns his face” to Thiago Levert for a low score in dance? · the news

Who is the famous person who "turns his face" to Thiago Levert for a low score in dance?  · the news

Submitted by Super celebrity danceOn Sunday (11) Thiago Levert admitted that he sprinted at Globo when he was a guest jury for the then-painting Domingão do Faustão (1989-2021). According to the journalist after Rate a participant less than 10The celebrity began to avoid him on the network. “Virtual detectives” on the Internet have begun to work to find out who he is.

There are three possibilities: Rainer Cadete, who received a 9.7 from Leifert on September 11, 2016, and Nando Rodrigues (he received a 9.8) and Sergio Malheiros (9.9), who did not receive the maximum presenter score on a program that aired on October 14. , 2018.

Leifert shared the gossip in the middle of this Sunday, without naming names or dates. Commented before contacting Claudia Motta’s rating for Presented by Carmo Dalla Vecchia.

“You know, Claudia, I came here one day as a technical judge, at the time when I was 9.7, 9.6. It was a tougher time. I was given a 9.7, I don’t know. I said a few things, so another one came along. [jurado] Technician and it was 10, she said a few different things, another came and it was 10. I said, “I screwed up, I’m dead, he’s gone,” said the Sunday presenter.

“But then the technical jury came and said, ‘No, Thiago is right.’ And I thought, ‘Wow, it gets worse, the person will be eliminated.’” [jurado] The other technician gave the same grade as me, and the other technician gave the same grade as I did. The person was eliminated and he still does not look at me today. I met her at the year-end vignette and she went away.”

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Claudia Motta, part of the fixed technical jury at Super Dança, announced that she was with the journalist on the team of assessors on the same day and that she remembered the 9.7 he gave to the famous man. “I was very strict,” the teacher remarked.

If the story being told is about the day Leverett shared the bench with Claudia, there are two possibilities. Nando Rodriguez has a 9.8 from Captain Big Brother Brazil, as well as a 9.9 and 10 from Art; Technicians distributed 9.3 and 9.2 to the actor. It has not been eliminated.

On the same day, Sergio Malheiros received 9.9 from the presenter and left the dispute, but the other guests did not give the actor 10 either, which does not match the report of the former Globo Esporte chief. One detail is that neither Rodriguez nor Malheros follows Thiago Leverett on Instagram.

On the other hand, Rainer Cadet follows the journalist on the social network, but was given a rating of 9.7 by the caller on the day the other two artists on the jury gave him a 10. The problem is that Claudia Motta was not on the bench on that occasion, and Cadet was in the final of the Dance competition in 2016.

The truth is that Tiago Leifert actually applied low scores and actually issued 9.5 for Sidney Magal in Domingão do Faustão. The Super Dance leader has now arrived at Encouraging technical referees not to be ‘nice’ In evaluations this year.

See below a series of videos with the journalist as a judge:

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