A man claims to be the son of Agnaldo Timóteo and asks for a DNA test

A man claims to be the son of Agnaldo Timóteo and asks for a DNA test

A man claiming to be the son of Ignaldo Timoteo has filed a paternity suit and asked for a DNA test. the singer He passed away in April of this year, at the age of 84As a result of the Covid-19 virus.

wanted by UOLLawyer Sydney Lobo Pedroso, the artist’s inventor and legal guardian of his adopted daughter, said he was notified of the case about a week ago.

According to Sydney, the man claims that his mother had a casual relationship with Ignaldo. However, when she was born, she abandoned her son in the maternity ward. So he was adopted by a local nurse.

The mother is dead, the nurse is dead. in a [petição] At first he says that he is very humble, and did not approach Ignaldo for fear of rejection or rejection. Now, because of all that has been reported, he felt motivated to file the aforementioned lawsuit. Lawyer explained

Sedni, who is in charge of the singer’s inventory, said he was in a hurry to get a DNA test done, so the process wouldn’t hurt the artist’s division of his assets.

As an inventor, I have to solve this as quickly as possible in order to start inventory. Certain

Recently, Kitty Evelyn, the 14-year-old daughter of Ignaldo Timoteo, Completed the adoption process in court. Thus, the girl became the owner of 50% of the inheritance left by the singer.

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