Who actually participated in the fight between Piovani and Neymar? · the news

Who actually participated in the fight between Piovani and Neymar?  · the news

Social media has become a battleground since Luana Piovani criticized Neymar Jr for allegedly supporting a project that would allow parts of the Brazilian coast to be privatised. The player responded to the actress, but other celebrities also took part in the discussion – from comedian Diogo Defante, to striker Richarlison and even influencer Felipe Neto.

Richarlison has become one of the most talked about topics on X (formerly Twitter) after sharing a post in favor of his Seleção teammate on his official Instagram profile. The photo showed a mop with the words “If you came here to talk bad about Neymar, sorry, but you came to the wrong place.”

Some netizens said they were surprised by the Tottenham player, but one detail caught the attention of a profile identified only as Isabella. He asked: “Guys, Richarlison has a tattoo on Neymar's back. What exactly did you expect him to do?”

Felipe Neto, who is known for giving his opinion on major discussions taking place on social media, also spoke.

In a live broadcast on his YouTube channel, Lucas Neto's brother quickly commented on the exchange of barbs between Piovani and Neymar:

I don't know what's going on in his personal life [Neymar]. One thing has changed, before he was acting like the ex BBB, out of nowhere, he started acting like the ex Fazenda. i don't know why. But he managed to make his behavior worse.

Earlier, Luana also ended up putting her ex-husband, Pedro Scobe, in the eye of the storm. She wondered what the surfer's position was on this issue.

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Diogo Defante even apologized

Diogo Defante even apologized after Neymar Jr criticized him on Friday (31). The comedian posted a post about the privatization of Brazilian beaches, angering the footballer, who was not even named in the post. “I beg your pardon,” the comedian said.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Defante shared a video in which he briefly commented on the situation. However, the YouTuber did not clarify whether the apology was serious or just sarcastic.

“Mó climão, Mané. I ask forgiveness from Neymar Jr.. Car*lho, what a p*ca,” the comedian responded.

The controversy between Devante and Neymar began after the comedian published a sarcastic message about the privatization of beaches, specifically after Luana Piovani accused the athlete of being a supporter of the project. “Privatize my head,” DiVanti wrote.

Afterwards, Bruna Biancardi's ex-boyfriend shared a video of the YouTuber at his home and suggested that he was unfaithful. “Be careful who you open the door to,” he began. “This citizen asked his friends to meet me. Since I was a fan of his and thought they were very nice people, I asked them to take him home.”

“He was very well received. He watched a movie at my house, played games, got to know me closely with my family and friends, and almost every show called me for money. Braggart, you idiot,” added the gamer, who deleted his email.

What is the reason for the fighting?

The quarrel between the two began on Wednesday (29), when Luana shared news linking Neymar to PEC. The footballer was investing in a condominium on a beach in Alagoas, a space that would benefit from a relaxation of environmental laws set out in the proposal.

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The blonde criticized not only the player's alleged greed, but also the fact that he was a “bad partner” and a “bad father.” The athlete retaliated by calling her “crazy” and wishing she would put a shoe in her mouth so she would “stop talking so much.” Finally, Luana described the footballer as “borderline” and “without vocabulary”.

During the quarrel, Neymar also published an official statement regarding the project that led to this situation. “Our partner DUE, responsible for real estate development in the North-East region, has already positioned itself, demonstrating sincere compliance with environmental issues and licensing of its projects and, above all, complete detachment of its own initiative with PEC 03/2022,” which reflects nothing on the property. that you own,” the memo said.

The player's team argued that Scobie's ex-wife was “opportunistic, petty, disproportionate and irresponsible”, creating a “politicized context” for talking about the project. “He attacked aimlessly, creating conjecture and speculation, including personal and reputational attacks,” they said.

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