The wolf is playing! After exposing Lucas “Boda” to Quarto Fada on the program “BBB 24”, Fernanda received acclaim on social media: “Escapou do Paredão”

The wolf is playing!  After exposing Lucas “Boda” to Quarto Fada on the program “BBB 24”, Fernanda received acclaim on social media: “Escapou do Paredão”

“BBB 24”: Fernanda exposes Lucas “Buda” to Vada's room.

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FernandaHe never stops causing trouble at “BBB 24”! After criticizing the production of the program, Damned Sabrina Sato that it Raising rebellion even in Xuxa, the citizen of Niteroi made another controversial move in the game. This morning (22). After the Commander's Test – which Giovanna wins –sister He gave a speech from Lucas “Buddha” on Isabelle To the fairy room and maybe take your name off the line for another week!

Buddha claims that Isabel was angry with Fernanda

Earlier, Lucas wanted to scold Fernanda, thinking that her sister laughed at Isabel, when Manawara was eliminated from the captain's exam. Nanda denied the situation and the brother said that her having “shot” her with his eyes meant that her rival was upset by the situation. The baker was not happy to hear her ally's opinion and simply decided to go to the fairy room to explain herself to her rivals…

Nanda decides to explain herself to her rival

To Lucas, Fernanda explained that she needed to explain her position, because she did not want Isabel to get the wrong idea about her position. Yes, reader. Fernanda was uncomfortable with the possible explanation for her rival Cunha. Strange isn't it? I did well! Even more quickly, netizens noticed the somewhat “unintentionally and willfully” intention of Niteroi and highlighted a possible masterstroke by the wolf!

It didn't take long for Nanda to go to the fairy room and explain everything to her being: “Buddha came to tell me something I couldn't even imagine, he said you were angry because you thought I was laughing… .

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