WhatsApp will change? Learn all about messenger app

WhatsApp will change?  Learn all about messenger app

Several tests are already being done on WhatsApp to launch a new feature. Because the tests are about how to save, share and export data.

The idea of ​​the application is to make life easier for its users and to make the messenger more functional and intuitive. Since people download important files and documents to their devices.

But, sometimes they need to be exported to devices with different operating systems, but without success. Because it is a very complex mechanism that must be implemented. And this is exactly the kind of service that the messaging app wants to provide to its users. To find out more, keep reading.

WhatsApp launches a very interesting new feature. paying off!

Whatsapp launches a new function, find out what it is!

The truth is that the file backup options within the platform are still not ideal for a messaging app. As the site that specializes in this topic, WABetaInfo has shown that the messenger wants to go further in this aspect.

Although the revelation was a recent thing, the news has already reverberated on social networks and users are very curious to better understand how this new functionality of the app will be.

These new features were discovered in WhatsApp beta version In this version, you can see the “Export Backup” button. In addition, the function is followed by the following text: “All conversations and media (such as photos, videos, and files) will be included”.

However, the code that performs this action within the application in its beta version does not exist yet. However, the new tool is a way to expand backup capabilities.

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For example, on Android devices, the user can only export data to Google Drive. Therefore, the new button will be able to copy all the information to any other location.

Therefore, users using messenger can save their message data on different hosts. In this way, it will be possible to increase their safety and freedom in many different situations.

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The new backup tool is able to improve integration with different systems

The highlight of the new WhatsApp tool is that it enables data migration between different operating systems. For example: transferring content from Android to iOS, which is very complicated. Due to the use of this new tool, it will not be very difficult to accomplish this task.

So, just copy the backup from a cell phone with one type of operating system and transfer it to another cell phone which has a different operating system. Therefore, if this novelty is confirmed, the function will help many users to perform operations that used to take hours in a few minutes.

It is worth noting that WhatsApp has not yet officially commented on the new job. Although the novelty is still active in beta but only for testing on the platform. Thus, the more tests run, the faster the job will be verified.

In short, updates for new functionality will only be passed on to developers working within the version of the app.

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