The traditional furniture store is closing its doors and devouring it

The traditional furniture store is closing its doors and devouring it

A furniture store went bankrupt, disappearing without satisfying customers with pending purchases

There is no doubt that the financial and economic scenario in Brazil is not the best. Thus, major stores and companies declare bankruptcy and even announce mass layoffs of workers. This time, for example, we'll be talking about a furniture store that closed its doors and ended up with hundreds in default.

At the beginning of last year, a popular and traditional furniture store became online news after a scandal. This is because the company closed its doors, deleted its social media accounts and left behind hundreds of people who had featured products with the store.

For those who don't know, we are talking about the Sofá Design store in El Salvador. According to the information released, the company, in addition to “disappearing from the map” and deleting its social networks, left a non-existent phone number for communication. The company became the target of complaints in 8 cities in Brazil.

A furniture store closed its doors and left no customers (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

The store was operating in Alameda das Espatudias, in the Caminho das Arvores neighborhood, and closed its doors in February 2023. As if that was not enough, the company deleted social media and did not respond to any of the customers who bought from the store and did not receive the products.

Customers at the time reported that they had made purchases worth more than R$4,000, and while they were waiting for delivery, it took some time to notice the default.

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“I called the seller to buy two more chairs and realized that the message had not arrived. So I searched for the store’s Instagram account, which no longer exists. On the other hand, I found an account condemning the coup at the national level. “I felt hopeless,” a customer named Ingrid told the Metro1 portal. .

Company bankruptcy creates despair among customers (Reproduction: Montagem TV Foco)

“There are people who have lost up to R$27,000,” reveals Ingrid. He adds: “I think the records of people who bought from this store in El Salvador are not settled yet. We discovered everything recently.”

When trying to contact you by phone, customers hear the following message: “This phone is blocked for this type of call,” the answering machine message says.

What does the Consumer Protection Law say?

The Consumer Protection Act is already aware of the case and is in the process of investigating Sofá Design.

“In these cases, there is an unfulfilled contract of purchase and sale regarding the delivery of the purchased products. The Consumer Law Act obliges the parties to fully comply with signed contracts. When one party fails to comply, it is up to the aggrieved party to obtain rights,” Eratan explains.

In total, more than 100 customers have reported being victims of the scam, as they have not received items at their homes despite having paid and are unable to contact the supplier.

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What is known about this case?

The Sofá Design Group's lawyer stated at the time that customers who did not receive furniture purchased in El Salvador (BA) would be compensated. According to Samoa Martins, victims will receive the products or the amount spent at the time of purchase.

The store stated at the time that services were being provided online, but no further information was revealed about the outcome of the case.

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