WhatsApp trick? Learn how to hide your name in the application

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a The WhatsApp It is a platform widely used by Brazilians to exchange messages. But many citizens want more privacy because they use the app a lot. Given this, it is possible to apply some tricks and hide the username, for example.

Once the username is hidden, the messaging area used for identification becomes empty. However, the name cannot be made directly invisible, so it is necessary to follow the tips below.

Learn how to hide your name on WhatsApp

In order not to be recognized by any contact, you only need to use a special Unicode character. See how to do it below:

  • Copy the character in quotation marks: “”;
  • Enter WhatsApp and click on “Settings”;
  • Tap on the name field and delete everything;
  • select the “Paste” option;
  • Confirm the change.

However, after this process, no friend, family member or stranger will be able to see your name on The WhatsApp. The same trick is often used to hide the Notes field in the app.

WhatsApp with the option to edit messages

Currently, users The WhatsApp You may delete messages sent by mistake, but this leaves a record of the accounts in the conversations. The idea now is that messages already sent can be edited by the user.

In the midst of messaging apps, the procedure is not new, as the feature is already in Telegram, one of the main competitors. Additionally, the functionality is already present in corporate communications apps, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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Also according to the information from WABetaInfo, it is already possible to check the option available in the obtained images in a developed version of the application for Android.

Additionally, it’s important to note that the feature is still in the testing phase, and for that reason, there are no details on when the edit button will reach users.

See what success is on the Internet:

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