WhatsApp: The much-requested update can now be accessed

WhatsApp: The much-requested update can now be accessed

a The WhatsAppCertainly, it is the most used messaging app by Brazilians. The popularity of the messenger is very large, mainly for the application of innovative features constantly.

Most often, users themselves request these features, and two more indicate the possibility Leave groups discreetly And the Hide online status.

Check out the details of all of them below!

Leave the groups discreetly

It is now possible to leave groups unnoticed by other participants. The feature has been tested in the beta version of the messenger and is now available to all users.

The option to leave groups silently will help you avoid conflicts, because when someone leaves shared conversations, other members always comment on what happened. In practice, only the administrator will be notified.

Hide online status

WhatsApp will soon release the feature to disable online status. If released, the novelty will bring more privacy to users of the messaging platform.

The update is found in beta for iPhone (iOS), but it won’t take long for it to be rolled out for testing on Android. According to the site, the feature will work alongside the option to hide “last seen”.

See how the feature should work

The new setting will allow the user to change the status of ‘Online’, just like the ‘Last Seen’ feature that is currently working.

In “Last Seen” you can choose:

  • “Everyone”: so that everyone knows this information;
  • “My Contacts”: so that only your contacts are known;
  • “My contacts except”: so that specific people can access;
  • “Nobody”: So that nobody knows about your last point of view.
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In the Online state, in short, the user will have the same options as in the Last Seen configuration. The site also notes that when the new possibility is enabled, the reverse option will also be applied.

See what success is on the Internet:

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