WhatsApp: Learn how to post status on a secondary mobile phone

WhatsApp: Learn how to post status on a secondary mobile phone

Hey WhatsApp It is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, with millions of daily active users. A new feature was recently added to the app, allowing users to post status from a secondary mobile phone. This article will walk you through the process of using this feature.

WhatsApp beta update

The beta version of WhatsApp for Android has received a new update. This update brings a change that has been long-awaited by users – the ability to post status from a secondary mobile phone.

How it works

Any smartphone linked to the user's account can now post all types of status, including photos, videos or texts. See the GIF below to see how it works:

Benefits for business audiences

This change is of great importance, especially for the business sector. Previously, the status feature was limited to the primary device associated with the account. WhatsApp. Connected devices now also have the option to publish.

New tests

Currently, the new feature is being tested with some users within the WhatsApp beta cycle, but it will soon be expanded to include all users of the stable version of the messaging program.

Share status on Instagram

On the other hand, WhatsApp is also testing the option to allow status sharing on Instagram. This will allow users to share their status WhatsApp Directly in your Instagram Stories.

More filters in the web version

Additionally, WhatsApp is testing more filters on the web version. This will allow users to edit and enhance photos and videos before publishing them as a status.

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How to update WhatsApp

To take advantage of these new features, it is essential that you maintain your app WhatsApp Updated. You can do this by visiting your smartphone's app store and checking for available updates.

The ability to post status from a secondary phone is a welcome new feature in WhatsApp. It will make life easier for users who use more than one device to manage their WhatsApp accounts.

Christmas status

During the holidays, you can add a touch of Christmas to your home WhatsApp. Below, we'll provide five tips for customizing your app, whether on Android or iOS.

Customize the icon

The first tip is about icon customization WhatsApp.

For Android users

For those who use Android, Icon Changer is an excellent choice. With it, you can select a festive photo from the gallery or take a photo and use it as a symbol of the holiday. WhatsApp.

For iOS users

For iOS users, the Shortcuts tool lets you add a file WhatsApp To the home screen with the image you want.

Christmas montage with profile picture

Another tip is to create a montage of your profile picture.

For Android users

For Android, we suggest New Year Photo Frames.

For iOS users

For iOS, we suggest Christmas Frames and Vertical Christmas Photo Frame.

Change background

Changing your wallpaper to a Christmas image can also add a festive touch to your home. WhatsApp. To do this, simply access the settings, select “Chats”, choose “Wallpaper” and set the desired image.

Customize your avatar

In the WhatsAppYou can modify your avatar to reflect the holiday spirit.

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Christmas messages

Now that WhatsApp If you activate Birthday Mode, how about programming some birthday messages?

For Android users

For Android, you can use the SKEDit app to schedule messages.

For iOS users

For iOS, you can create a personal mechanism in the Shortcuts app to send messages through WhatsApp On the required day and time.

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