WhatsApp function that can recover deleted messages

WhatsApp function that can recover deleted messages

A post from the official WABetaInfo portal showed that the developers are considering an upcoming update. The Meta team, responsible for the usability of the platform, is considering creating a button that will be available for a few minutes after deleting some media or text box. This way, users will be able to retrieve messages quickly.

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Whether your storage is deleted or because you had to delete some transmissions, certain content gets deleted by mistake. Until then, there was no possibility that WhatsApp would make any changes, however, some surveys are being conducted, with the aim of improving this experience, and are often reported in the field of suggestions open to the public. There is no beta testing, but attempts are likely to occur.

How will the new WhatsApp button to recover deleted messages work?

Despite being a button, the app intends to be conservative about the possibility of saving a topic. As with email, where a written notice appears, providing an opportunity to opt out of the action, the job will follow the same form. Therefore, after writing something, you will have a certain amount of time to recover what was deleted.

When the permission disappears, it means that the operation cannot be performed, keeping the permanent deletion. The officialization of this novelty has not yet been confirmed, but it is expected that it will not take long, as the improvements were recently provided with excellent performance, in iOS, Android and WhatsApp WEB versions.

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Meanwhile, other processes are still receiving attention, among which is the creation of personal avatars, similar to Instagram.

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