What's new from Google makes searches just one touch away; Watch the change and learn how to use it!

What's new from Google makes searches just one touch away;  Watch the change and learn how to use it!

Hey Google, one of the world's leading technology companies, has just announced an innovation that will make research conducted using mobile devices even easier. using Artificial Intelligence (AI)The internet giant has developed the “Circle to Search” feature, which allows users to search for information about specific objects in photos and videos without having to switch applications.

Research circle: what it is and how it works

Hey “Generalization of research” It is a function that meets a common user need: the ability to search for any object at any time. Previously, to get more information about an item in a photo or video, it was necessary to take a screenshot and search the Google app, which, let's face it, wasn't practical.

Now, with Circule to Search, internet users don't even need to leave the app they are using to search for a specific item. When you come across something interesting, just press the home button of your Android device for a while and then circle or cross out the desired object on the screen. Google Lens' artificial intelligence comes into play and automatically recognizes the object and displays related results and even similar products available in online stores.

Furthermore, the feature also allows the user to ask text questions to complement the image, setting context for the search. This function is very useful, as multimedia technology in Google It is able to interpret different types of languages, whether images or text commands, providing accurate and relevant results.

How to use the circuit to search

Using the Search Circle is very simple. When you come across something interesting in a photo or video, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Home button on your Android device for a while.

  2. Circle or cross out the desired object on the screen.

  3. Ask text questions, if necessary, to put the research into context.

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Google Lens, through AI technology, will recognize the object and provide accurate and relevant results. It's a fast and efficient way to get information about specific items in photos and videos, without having to open other apps or perform manual searches.

Other improvements to Google Lens

In addition to the “Search Circle” feature, Google It has also made improvements to multimedia searches through Google Lens. Since 2022, it has been possible to add text questions to image searches, however, the tool now contains AI-based answers.

This update allows users to get accurate answers to their questions by asking questions directly on Google Lens. For example, if someone wants to know how to water a plant whose name they don't know, simply point the lens camera at the plant and ask the question. Artificial intelligence will automatically identify plant types and provide relevant information about appropriate watering.

This score dynamic is similar to the Bard model, a language model developed by Google for answering questions in natural language. This trend of leveraging Google's generative technologies in other applications, such as Lens, demonstrates the company's commitment to providing increasingly intelligent and efficient solutions to users.

Availability and release forecast

Hey The Circle to Search feature will launch on January 31 It will initially only be available for high-end Android devices like the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Galaxy S24 Series. There is no information yet about when the feature will be available for iOS devices, such as the iPhone.

The Q&A functionality through Google Lens is available in the US through Search Labs, Google's testing platform. There are no expectations yet about when this function will be available in Brazil.

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Gemini: Google's new AI model

In addition to improvements in google lensGoogle also announced that the Gemini language model will be available natively in some Gemini apps. Samsung on Galaxy S24. This means that native Samsung apps like Voice Recorder and Notes will be able to take advantage of this technology.

With Gemini, these apps will be able to offer more advanced features, such as recording entire classes and displaying only the most relevant moments, based on user commands. This integration between Google's language model and Samsung apps provides a smarter and more personalized experience for users.

Furthermore it, Google It continues to invest in innovations that make users' lives easier when searching and interacting with mobile devices. The Search Circle feature and improvements to Google Lens demonstrate the company's commitment to providing smart and powerful solutions, making searching for information increasingly faster and more convenient.

Using artificial intelligence, Google allows users to find information about specific objects in photos and videos with just one tap on the screen. Furthermore, the Q&A function through Google Lens, combined with the Gemini language model, provides accurate and relevant results for users' questions.

Although the Scroll to Search feature is initially only available for high-end Android devices, it will likely soon be expanded to other devices. We look forward to the new updates and improvements that Google will provide to make searching for information easier.

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