Discord announces a mandatory change for all users

Discord announces a mandatory change for all users

Discord has announced that an update will be rolling out in the coming weeks. According to information released by the platform, the change is part of a new identification system that will begin to be used in the application.

Over the next few days, users of the app will have to change their user name (user name) to adapt to the new rules and the new platform system.

The network currently has more than 150 million monthly active users, and the app allows people to connect with other individuals who share similar interests through select groups. the society player They make up most of the platform’s audience.

What has changed in Discord?

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Previously, Discord users were given a name followed by the “#” symbol and four numbers (Example: multiversenews #1234). Therefore, it was much more difficult to share your profile through the famous “word of mouth”.

With the new update, users will create a user name after the “@” symbol (example: @multiversonotícias). In this way, the platform follows a very similar pattern to other social networks, such as Twitter and Instagram.

In an interview with BBC News, a representative of the platform revealed that:

“After hearing from people about the challenges of connecting with friends on our platform, we’ve made changes to our tagging system to make Discord more accessible to new and returning users alike.”

New Discord usernames required
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When will the Discord username change begin?

According to information released by Discord itself, the exchange user name It will be done in chronological order of account creation. That is, the oldest profiles will be the first to have their usernames changed.

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the new ones Usernames It will have some restrictions and rules to follow, for example: it can only include alphanumeric characters (az, 0-9), underscore symbol (_) and period (.), uppercase letters cannot be used and it will consist of at least two characters and 32 max.

Additionally, all names must follow Discord’s guidelines. no one user name Attacking any person or group, promoting hate, or using sexually explicit language is permitted.

In the next few days, users should receive instructions to start making the exchange on Discord.

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