What is the largest circle in the image?

What is the largest circle in the image?
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a circle It is one of the most well-known geometric shapes to mankind. Its history dates back to ancient times, with many ancient cultures associating it with the sun and moon. Its simple form, without beginning or end, symbolizes unity and perfection in philosophy.

The ancient Greeks believed that this geometric figure was sublime, because all its parts are equal. Even Plato pointed out that the circle was a symbol of “divine perfection”.

It has been studied since the times of Archimedes and Euclid, being a very common form in nature. It is currently used in logos and fun games like boards, roulette wheels, toss boards and many more.

In ancient times, many civilizations took inspiration from the sun and moon to create representations in their art forms and symbols. Over time, it became of interest to philosophers and mathematicians, as it was used in various fields such as art and architecture.

Find the larger circle in the image:

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Check the correct answer.

We have created a small test to assess your awareness. Try to find the largest circle in the image in the shortest possible time. If you succeed, share it with your friends to test it.

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