The United States government confirms its support for the Olympics | the Olympics

White House spokeswoman Jane Psackett told reporters on Tuesday that the US government continues to support the Tokyo Olympics, stressing that public health remains a primary concern for the organization of the Olympic Games scheduled to begin on July 23.

Japan is currently dealing with the fourth wave of the epidemic and vaccination is progressing slowly. – Photo: Cezary Kowalski / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

The US State Department raised Japan to Alert Level 4, Same thing that Brazil has been in since August of last year. Consequently, the US government does not recommend its citizens to travel to the country.

Japan is currently dealing with the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Vaccination continues slowly in the country, where only 5% of the population has been immunized, one of the lowest rates among the richest countries in the world. With 126.3 million inhabitants, the archipelago has already recorded more than 700,000 cases of the disease and 12,351 deaths.

Takahide Kiyoshi, an executive economist at Nomura Research Institute and a former board member at the Bank of Japan, released a study Tuesday stating that canceling the Olympics would lead to A loss of R $ 87.7 billion to Japan.

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