What is diverticular stenosis, Pope Francis’ disease – 07/04/2021

Or Pope Francis He was admitted to the hospital this Sunday (4) for large intestine surgery. According to the Vatican press office, the procedure will be done to treat symptomatic colic stenosis.

The problem is caused by diverticulosis of the colon, which is the formation of several “pockets” (diverticula) in the large intestine. These “pockets” can suffer from recurrent inflammation called diverticulitis. When diverticulitis resolves itself and the inflammatory process improves, it forms a narrowing in the intestine through healing, causing it to narrow,” explains Susette Notarberto, MD, PUC-Campinas, resident of gastroenterology at Unesp Botucatu.

The patient often has a stricture, but there are cases when the procedure is necessary because the stenosis makes passage very difficult and the person is at risk of intestinal obstruction. “In the Pope’s case, they will probably take a piece of the intestine that has narrowed,” says the doctor.

Diverticulosis is a diverticulum in the wall of the large intestine. Diverticulitis is inflammation or infection of these diverticula.

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You are Symptoms of stricture range from difficulty emptying, because the intestines are narrow and stool cannot pass, to a more serious condition such as a bowel obstruction. The patient can live well with the stricture without the need for surgery, but when his symptoms begin with abdominal pain, flatulence, and difficulty emptying or stopping stools, it is necessary to schedule surgery.

“se No In time, it may develop into a hole intestines,” says Notaroberto. “Though, when The stenosis is still small and the stool is still they are can pass it a program Surgery, as it does with the Pope.”

There is no specific cause for the problem, but it is very common among people chronic constipation, that is, the intestines have irregular functioning. It is usually more common in the elderly, due to normal muscular atrophy with age.

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