What does your body shape say about your health?

What does your body shape say about your health?

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, right? But what hides behind the body’s boundaries is not just an aesthetic matter, but can be a decisive indicator of a person’s health.

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It’s true: The way your body is shaped and where you accumulate fat can be a clear sign of the health risks you may face.

5 body shapes and their effect on health

1. “Apple” type.

Imagine an apple – round and plump in the middle. People with such bodies have a prominent waist, which unfortunately is not the best news for their health. The accumulation of fat in the abdominal area is considered a risk for heart disease, diabetes, and even some types of cancer. Keep your eye on this focal point!

2. “Pear” smooth

If your body gently expands from the hips to the thighs, you have a classic pear shape. And breathe a sigh of relief: The fat stored here is actually a defense against problems like heart attacks. But how is that? Simply put, these fats remain “trapped” longer, preventing them from circulating and affecting vital organs.

3. Elegant hourglass

Parallel hips and chest with a well-defined waist create an hourglass body, often celebrated in popular culture. But the problem here is the fair distribution of weight. If you’re not careful, you may gain weight without realizing it, increasing your risk of chronic disease.

4. The balanced “rectangle”.

Think of a straight line from top to bottom, without many curves. If your body follows this trend, pay attention! Weight gain may go unnoticed because it is evenly distributed. This disguised distribution can hide the risks of diabetes and heart problems.

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5. The chunky “inverted triangle.”

With broad shoulders and narrow hips, this shape can be synonymous with larger breasts or a denser bone structure. However, a smaller body frame can mean an increased risk of osteoporosis. Be careful when dancing – falling can be more harmful than you imagine!

Whatever the form, it is essential to maintain a harmonious relationship with your body, knowing it and taking care of it. After all, he is our temple and our main ally. If you notice any of these characteristics, consider having a medical examination. A careful look today can prevent problems in the future.

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