Royal expert talks about Kate Middleton's cancer: “A battle”

Royal expert talks about Kate Middleton's cancer: “A battle”

with cancer, Kate Middleton, 42, was going to have a difficult time while undergoing treatment for the disease. Katie Nicholl, an expert on the royal family, spoke about the most difficult period that the Princess of Wales went through.

Katie told The Sun: “Sources very close to the Princess of Wales told me that she initially had difficulties with treatment, due to the preventive chemotherapy that the Princess underwent.”

“No one wants to go through that, you know, after having major surgery, a very long recovery period, and then having to go through treatment,” he continues.

“I think it was a struggle at first and I felt very, very relieved when I heard from more than one source that she had turned the corner recently,” the expert adds.

Katie Nicholl ensures that Kate will return to work in the same role. “It's 100 per cent back to being the Princess of Wales and doing the amazing work she did before,” he says.

He adds: “Only her time will come and she will be ready when she gets approval from her medical team.”

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After having a “successful” abdominal surgery in January, Kate underwent post-operative tests which confirmed the presence of cancer cells. The diagnosis was revealed in March, at which time she also said she was passing Preventive chemotherapy.

“To everyone facing this disease, whatever its form, please do not lose faith or hope. You are not alone,” the Princess said. At the time, a Kensington Palace spokesperson told the British press that “the Princess is focused on her treatment and her full recovery.” Various on King Charles IIIShe is not expected to return to her royal engagements any time soon, and she also has cancer.

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