What does monarchy mean to England? “It’s an indeterminate source of income.”

What does monarchy mean to England?  “It’s an indeterminate source of income.”

A king or an elected head of state? A recent poll asked the question, and the answer seems to be in favor of England’s new monarch, proof that the monarchy is “a brand,” as CNN Portugal experts put it.

Days before the coronation of a new monarch in the United Kingdom — one of Europe’s ten monarchies — one question is among the many questions surrounding the event: What meaning does the British monarchy still make?

In an interview with CNN Portugal, two royal experts say that “the monarchy is a huge institution in the United Kingdom” and that there is no point in talking about its disappearance.

Journalist and author Alberto Miranda even says that the monarchy is “a brand” and “a very ingrained dimension of British society”.

One Poll conducted by YouGov It appears that 58% of respondents support the continuation of the monarchy, 26% support an elected head of state, and 16% indicate they “don’t know” to answer the question “should Britain continue the monarchy.” the future”.

survey, Requested by the BBC two weeks before the coronationAnd he points out that only a third of young people, who are most likely to find support among the over-50s, support the monarchy.

But for José Bouza Serrano, former head of the Procotolo do Estado, the British were “inseparable from the monarchy”.

“They can touch everything, touch everything, but I don’t see any other system. It is an example for the whole nation, it is an indeterminate source of income, and now you will see their fortune” is going to be made only by selling things with the king and queen. They could be important and sometimes unattached to their sovereign, which was not the case because King Charles III played such a large role.”

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However, the same survey found that 45% of more than 4,500 respondents thought Charles was “out of step with the British people” and only 36% thought the new monarch was “in tune”.

However, Bouza Serrano and Alberto Miranda point out that Carlos III had been preparing himself for years to ascend the throne and that “the sovereign was 70 years or more”.

“Carlos will be crowned at 74. Queen Elizabeth II was crowned at 26. She was Queen at 25, but was crowned at 26. Carlos knows very well what his role is, and the racial diversity of British and global society. Not just the United Kingdom, but the states of this evolution. Obligatory to follow, they are able to keep up with the evolution of time”, observes Alberto Miranda.

According to the AFP news agency, because of the worst inflationary crisis facing the generation, the distrust of the youth arises in King Carlos III’s compliance with demographic problems. Despite the establishment of the Prince’s Foundation by the heir to the throne in the 1970s, which will help one million young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by 2020, the cost of living in England continues to rise and so does the burden on the royal family. The family is weighing its popularity among the youth.

While 54% of respondents said the royal family had “good value”, more young people said the value was bad (40%) than good (36%).

The coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla takes place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London. The British are entitled to a long weekend to celebrate the new monarchs, which includes not only a ceremony but also concerts and volunteer activities.

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