What do you expect from Square Enix?

What do you expect from Square Enix?

According to the tradition of previous years, Square Enix Will make a presentation on E3 2021. Looking at the company’s latest announcements, it is very likely that we will see information about Final Fantasy e Dragon AdventureBut nothing prevents other series from appearing as well.

Reports indicate that A new Final Fantasy game set in the world of the first game in the series is being developed by Team Ninja studio, responsible for the series Nioh e jaden ninja (plus Final Fantasy Dissidia NT).

At the moment, Square Enix hasn’t made the official announcement, so there are no images, information, or launch expectations regarding the supposed new Final Fantasy. E3 seems to be the perfect place to reveal the project’s existence.

Of course, Square is also expected to share information about games whose existence is no longer a secret. Final Fantasy XVI still has no launch window And more game information would be most welcome – or even a new story trailer.

While we don’t hear much about it, another Final Fantasy project follows without new information: Final Fantasy VII remake. The second part of the game has yet to be announced, but perhaps Square Enix has been waiting for the event to reveal in a big way…or not.

Speaking of ads related to games that already exist, ads for new content from Outriders are also likely to be among the highlights. After all, the company has already stated that it sees the potential for this to become the next big franchise.

Another very popular Square series that deserves attention during E3 is Dragon Quest. With the recent announcement of treasurefire of fate Remake do the third e X currentlyIt is normal for new gameplay videos, release previews, or other content of this type to be released.

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It’s almost inevitable to talk about a long-lived series when we think of Square Enix. In fact, the company has already made clear its desire to revive some classic franchises. So, can we hope for something like this?

In fact, among the company’s newest chains, it is important to keep in mind that Life is Strange: True Colors It’s on the way. Although a lot is already known about it, nothing prevents the release of the popular latest trailer or even gameplay previews.

At the time of publishing this article, the Square Enix conference had yet to reveal when the conference will take place at E3 2021. We will update the text as soon as the date and time are revealed.

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