Wesley Safadão requests R$55,000 deal in vaccine research, says MP

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Wesley Savadao (Credit: Instagram reproduction montage)

The prosecution spoke to Ciara (MP-CE) after the singer naughty weasley to mention that the agency requested nearly one million Brazilian riyals in a motion not to pursue the investigation concerning him, he and his wife, Thean Dantas, and her advisor, Sabrina Tavares, for the fact that all three were vaccinated against COVID-19 Illegally. Information from Splash, from UOL.

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+ Wesley Safadão and his wife do not accept the MP’s approval to skip the vaccine queue

Sfadaw refused to accept the amount proposed by the representative, which is 720 minimum wage (about 738,000 Brazilian reais) for the singer and his wife, as well as 25 salaries (equivalent to 27,500 Brazilian reais) for his assistant.

And the agency issued a note stating that Mutreb refused the deputy’s offer, and that he made an offer for 50 minimum wages (about 55 thousand Brazilian riyals), and the Public Prosecution did not accept it.

“The offer was not accepted by the three, and in a counter-offer, the investigators offered to pay 50 minimum wages (about R$55,000), which was also not accepted by the MPCE,” the memo reads.

The MP also mentioned that the calculated amount is considered “legal criteria and an estimate of economic and financial capacity” for each investigation, and said that according to the law, the three would need to admit the offense in order to sign the agreement.

“Finally, if there is an agreement, and given that the criminal investigation proceedings have not been closed, negotiations can still take place. But as of Friday morning (29/10), the defense of the three investigated did not make any new offer. If not There is agreement, the process will continue for analysis by GT-Covid, which will evaluate the next steps”, says the MP’s statement.

The Civil Police indicted Sfadaw, Tian and Sabrina about a month ago for embezzlement and violation of health procedures due to irregular vaccination against Covid.

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