Wenger criticizes England and says the Premier League will destroy the Premier League

Wenger criticizes England and says the Premier League will destroy the Premier League

Former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger harshly criticized English clubs who had supported the creation of the Premier League. In an interview with The Telegraph, the Frenchman said the new competition would “destroy” the Premier League.

Wenger also said that the European 12 clubs project was “stillborn” and “a quick way to solve financial problems.”

“She was born dead. I couldn’t believe it would work. (…) The most surprising thing about all of this was English behavior. Everyone in Europe dreams of destroying the Premier League. In England, we do it ourselves,” Wenger said.

“I cannot understand the rationale behind this, because England voted for Brexit (UK exit from the European Union) and now they want to bring the Super League. The English have the strongest league. The Premier League will destroy the Premier League 100%.”, complete.

In the sequence, the coach doubted what the new competition would look like, since the national championships will not award places in Superliga.

“The basis of sports culture in Europe is access to high-level competitions through their performance. I don’t understand how anyone would think that limiting contact between domestic leagues and reaching major tournaments would pass and be approved by the fans,” said French.

He concluded by saying, “It seems that it is a quick way to solve the financial problems that these clubs suffer from.”

The six best English clubs (Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham) have co-created the Premier League. After criticism from fans, everyone left the competition.

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