NFL Reveals Players Who Will Participate in the International Player Path; Brazilian on the list

NFL Reveals Players Who Will Participate in the International Player Path;  Brazilian on the list

Connection NFL International Player Pathway It is a program that invites NFL players from different countries for training and development in order to give the player the opportunity to be part of one team of 32 franchises in the world. NFL. The association announced, on Tuesday, the athletes who will begin training in the United States in February, hoping to sign.

Once again, Brazil will have its representative in. the offensive line Leandro Fonseca, who plays for Remo Lions, will join the league program. He is the second Brazilian to take part in the NFL action, and the first was also the offensive line Dorval Keyrouz Net, which is now part of Pratice Band Act Miami Dolphin.

Some players from the program have already played in league matches. An example is offensive tackle Jordan Mailata, Australian, who owns Philadelphia Eagles. the back ive worship The Buffalo Bills passed the program and played 52 games in four seasons. the tight end Sams Reyes, who moved to the United States at the age of 13, became the first player of Chilean origin to play in the Major League Soccer, for the Washington soccer team.

At the end of the training camp, each player can remain on his team’s coaching staff with an international assignment giving his team an extra player. Players can also be registered to the active roster during the regular season based on certain criteria.

List of NFL Internation Player Track Players

– Lionel Misangomokini – DL, Austria

– Leandro Santos da Fonseca – OL, Brazil

– Slimane Karamoko – DB, France

– Marcel Dabo – DB, Germany

– Ralph Rossens – DL, Latvia

– Hector Zepeda Hernandez – OL, Mexico

– Kehinde Hassan Oginni – TE, Nigeria

– Chigbo Roy Mbaeteka – OL, Nigeria

– Haji Chisom Ndoboise – OL, Nigeria

– Thomas Odkoya – TE, Países Baixos

– Adedayo Odeeye – DL, Reino Unido

– Ayo Oiola – left-back, Reino Unido

– Pamidel Olasini – OL, Reino Unido

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