Wednesday from the Olympic Games there are gymnastics and men’s football finals. paying off

Wednesday from the Olympic Games there are gymnastics and men's football finals.  paying off

This Wednesday (28), Brazil can win more medals. It is the day of the men’s gymnastics individual final and the country has two representatives, Cayo Souza and Diogo Soares. There’s also men’s soccer round three and more. paying off:


Sail: 49er – men’s (4th, 5th and 6th races)

Sailing: Finn – men (3rd and 4th races)

Sailing: 470 – men (from 1 to 2 regattas)

RS: X – Women (7th, 8th and 9th races)

Slalom Rowing: C1 – Female (Workbooks)

Shooting: Marcos Vinicius Dalmeida – Patrick Houston (UK) – Men (first round)

Slalom Rowing: K1 – Men (Workbooks)

Boxing: Keno Marley vs Chen Daxiang – Men, Light Heavyweight (Octave Finals)

Sail: Click 17 – Mixed (1st, 2nd and 3rd races)

Sail: 49er FX – Women’s (4th, 5th, 6th races)

Sail: 470 – Women (first and second races)

Football: Saudi Arabia and Brazil – Men (Group Stage, Round Three)

Artistic Gymnastics: Men’s Singles (Final)

Badminton: Kanta Tsuniyama (Japan) vs Igor Coelho – Men (Group Round, Third Round).

Handball: Brazil x Spain – men (group stage, third round)

Swimming: Men’s 200m medley (seeds)

Swimming: 4x200m Freestyle – Women (Seeds)

Volleyball: Brazil vs. players from Russia – men (group stage, third round)

Rugby: Canada vs Brazil (group stage, first round)

BMX Bikes: Racing – Men (Quarterfinals)

BMX Bikes: Race – Women (Quarterfinals)

Rowing: Singles – Men (Semi-finals)

Handball: Spain and Brazil – women’s (group stage, third round)

Judo: Raphael Buzacarini x Toma Nikiforov (Belgium) – men, up to 100 kg (first round)

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