We tested the new WhatsApp for PC; See what changes

We tested the new WhatsApp for PC;  See what changes

this week , The first images of the new WhatsApp application For Windows, this is based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Shortly thereafter, the application was found in the Microsoft Store catalog and to understand the next step, a file was found Canaltech Ran after to show changes in this new version of messenger.

You can immediately notice the differences in the application: it opens much faster than the traditional stable version The WhatsApp. This difference was to be expected, however, as the new application takes advantage of a set of APIs built by Microsoft To develop applications for Win 10 and Win 11, UWP.

Novo WhatsApp is very different from the popular PC app and still has obvious issues (Capture: Igor Almenara/Canaltech)

The first time the app is opened, the app requires the user to sign in via a QR code – just like in other versions of the PC messenger. From the mobile application, it is necessary to enter “Connected devices” to read the image with the camera and start using it.

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In this sense, the new implementation starts early: o Signing in to multiple devices already works Here – that is, you can exchange messages even if your cell phone is not connected to the Internet. This new feature took a long time to reach the traditional WhatsApp Desktop app, but it makes sense to join the new app right away, considering that everyone can use it freely today.

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New look and unique functions

The look of WhatsApp UWP is very different from the desktop application we are used to. The application’s various colors, fonts, and elements embrace the look of Windows 11, with rounded corners, transparency effects, and many other details to that effect.

Conversations, contacts and messages are in their usual place, but everything appears to be “under construction” (Snapshot: Igor Al-Manara/Kanaltik)

Messenger’s animations are also different, and now they’re much better for PC. The appearance of the settings menu and details about groups and contacts has also been reworked – it is practically more elegant and intuitive than the previous version, without taking up much window space.

The “Drawing” function is one of the new features of this version. In it, the testers access the board with the basic functions of making a picture – it’s like a painter, but smaller in size. There’s no way to attach photos or adjust things too often, but one-click uploading makes things easier for anyone looking to just send in a freshly made scribble.

On a mouse and keyboard, the drawing tool is just for doing some doodles (Screenshot: Igor Almanara/Kanaltik)

Another important addition is the improved context menu in the PC app. As with the desktop version of cableFor example, instead of displaying the app’s functionality in an arrow placed in the corner of each message balloon, the options appear when you right-click on the content.

This way, it’s much easier and more intuitive to find options like forward, reply, favorite or delete – something that makes a lot of sense for computer use.

The context menu changes if a click is on a message and offers functionality already included in the app (Capture: Douglas Ciriaco/Canaltech)

However, not all is well…

disadvantages now

It’s a beta app and you can’t even find it in the Microsoft Store with a normal search – but CT makes your life easier and shows you how to download New WhatsApp on Microsoft Store. From logging in to the first message, everything works fine, but you don’t even have to delve into the app to notice that there’s a lot to do.

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Contact details take up less space on the screen and can also contain custom sounds for notifications (Screenshot: Igor Almenara/Canaltech)

Among the absences, the following can be highlighted:

  • There is no full support for stickers – you can see them, but do not send them to anyone or refer to the catalog itself;
  • Taking pictures with a computer camera is not supported;
  • There is no way to send contacts;
  • There is no section for checking statuses (temporary posts similar to Instagram) of saved contacts;
  • Archiving new conversations is not available;
  • Privacy options are still very basic;
  • Picture-in-Picture is not supported;
  • Favorite messages are not available;
  • Dark mode is not supported.

Using the app in its current state is not a good experience so it’s not a good idea to consider migrating entirely. Despite being in the beta stage, WhatsApp UWP still needs a lot of improvement, and given the amount of backlog, it may take a long time for everything to be OK.

It should get better with time

However, this is exactly what this period is: testing and implementing new things. The messenger’s most important features will probably be there once WhatsApp releases the app for everyone, so you can’t conclude that the new app is “bad, period” – it’s all under construction, and you can see that it should get better.

Despite the outstanding issues, the redesign of the app is also an opportunity for WhatsApp to re-evaluate the features of the PC app and create something better, with functionality not thought of before. The ability to hide the chat column, make room for custom backgrounds (or maybe themes), including a sticker generator, are some of the options – but they’re limitless, just be interested in continuing to improve the service.

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At the moment, there are no expectations for a large-scale release.

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