Waitress fired after posting video of customer with blow-up doll Social media

Waitress fired after posting video of customer with blow-up doll  Social media

A waitress who filmed a customer eating with a blow-up doll has been fired Reproduction/Tik Tok

What was supposed to be just another normal day at work turned into a comedic situation on social media. A woman named Tara Eve Bjork works at RH Rooftop, a restaurant located in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA). Between one activity and another, she saw a customer eating a meal with an inflatable doll. Moved by the unusual scene, the young woman recorded the situation and posted the video on her personal page on the website Tik Tok. The content received over 2.6 million views and he ended up getting fired.

At the beginning of the shoot, Tara said, “Well, I shouldn't be doing TikTok while I'm working, but this calls for it. I work at a nice restaurant in Charlotte and I want you to see what just arrived.” Then the waitress points to the camera and zooms in to show the audience The man eating the meal next to the plastic doll.

In comments on social media, followers expressed their enjoyment of the scene. One wrote: “Thank you for risking your job for this.” “she [a boneca] “She looks tired and fed up,” says another. Following the repercussions of the content, the waitress was fired from the facility. However, Tara said in an interview with the portal Charlotte Observer Who was not affected by the loss of his job.

“I was ready for new opportunities, so it wasn't a big shock, thank God. [Fiquei] I was shocked how viral it was [o conteúdo se tornou]She explained that she does not regret the decision to photograph the client with the doll, even if the result was losing her job.

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