Chiefs recognize compulsory vaccination of workers

Chiefs recognize compulsory vaccination of workers

It appears that workplace testing is already consensual between companies and workers, but the possibility of mandatory vaccination is gaining strength, he writes money live. At a time when remote work is now recommended rather than mandatory, and more than 70% of the Portuguese population has all vaccinations against COVID-19, employers and unions are divided over whether those who have not been vaccinated or have not been tested negative should get. on the job post.

Portugal has not imposed mandatory vaccination against COVID-19, creating a divide between the two sides. “With the legislation in place, companies cannot prevent the return of workers who do not want to be vaccinated or who have not yet been fully vaccinated to their office, nor can such circumstances limit their admission to new jobs,” says the President of Portugal Tourism Confederation (CTP), Francisco Caleros. The lawyers contacted by Dinheiro Vivo consider that the work impasse can only be resolved by the government, with the approval of the Council of the Republic.

The Portuguese Confederation of Commerce and Services (CCP), in turn, acknowledges that “compulsory vaccination can sometimes be considered as an alternative to imposing obsolete hours and compulsory remote work in contexts required by the epidemic situation”, pointing to a solution that is beginning to take shape in other countries. In Europe, France, Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom have made immunization mandatory for healthcare workers.

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