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A volcano erupted on the outskirts of Reykjavik, the capital IcelandThis Wednesday (3). Video footage shows lava rising from the ground.

The volcanic eruption occurred about 40 kilometers from Reykjavik, near Mount Vagradalsfjal, where in 2021 a volcano erupted for six months.

“A volcanic eruption has begun near Vagradalsvial. The exact location has not yet been confirmed,” said the Meteorological Institute, which tracks seismic activity.

Lava erupts from Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland, on August 3, 2022 (Photo: Saul Loeb/Reuters)

Although there was no ash plume, the institute warned that “it is possible to detect pollution from the emission of gases.”

The National Airports Authority said no flights were affected so far. A red light prevents aircraft from flying over the site (however, helicopters were sent to analyze the situation).

The country has 32 volcanic systems

Mount Fagradalsfjall belongs to the Krysuvik volcanic system of the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest Iceland.

The Iceland It has 32 volcanic systems considered active, the largest number in all of Europe.

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