Vivo was voted best broadband; See who won in your state

Vivo was voted best broadband;  See who won in your state

Melhor Plano website in partnership with my contact, Participated in tilt The results of its ranking of the best performance and satisfaction of broadband Internet connections in Brazil for 2022.

It collected the Best Plan award, based on 15 million speed tests and 660,000 user reviews, the best work of operators in nearly 3000 national cities.

Index, who has already evaluated the results of the Internet in Brazil in 2019And 2020 e 2021, offers the best service providers based on their performance in previous years. To generate the 2022 result, the two platforms evaluated internet speed tests and consumer satisfaction surveys.

The winners are divided into the categories of “Best Speed”, “Best Satisfaction” and “Best Provider” and can be reached by country in the rating below. Under the best plan, some regions do not provide either category due to an insufficient number of evaluations, or an inconclusive intersection of data to arrive at the results:

  • Vivo received the national award in the categories “Speed” and “Best Provider in Brazil”;
  • Provider Vertex Telecom, which debuted among the national award winners, ditched Vivo, the previous year’s winner, in the “satisfaction” criterion.

Check out winners from every state

  • acre: Unlimited (Speed) / Unonet (Satisfaction) / Unlimited (Provider)
  • Alagoas: Brisanet (speed) / A2Telecom (satisfaction) / Brisanet (provider)
  • amaba: Você Telecom (speed) / Webturbo (satisfaction) / Você Telecom (provider)
  • Amazon: Tim (speed) / Mrciel Telecom (satisfaction) / Tim (provider)
  • Bahia: Team (Speed) / Global Telecom (Satisfaction) / Claro (Service Provider)
  • car: Multiplay (speed) / JWS Telecom (satisfaction) / Brisanet (provider)
  • Federal District: Logtel Internet (speed) / Linkwap (satisfaction) / Hi (provider)
  • Holy Spirit: Micron Internet (Speed) / Novatek (Satisfaction) / Micron Internet (Provider)
  • Goiás: Omni Telecom (Speed) / Lan Fiber Telecom (Satisfaction) / WGO Telecom (Provider)
  • Maranhão: G3 Telecom (Speed) / Virtex (Satisfaction) / G3 Telecom (Provider)
  • Matthew Grosso: Lei Telecom (Speed, Satisfaction and Provider)
  • Mato Grosso do Sul: Lignet (Speed) / Mitas Internet (Satisfaction) / Idl Telecom (Provider)
  • Minas GeraisGiganet (Speed, Satisfaction, and Provider)
  • to: Click Speed ​​(Speed) / GB Telecom (Satisfaction) / Click Speed ​​(Provider)
  • Paraiba: Tele (Speed, Satisfaction, Provider)
  • Parana: Sercomtel (speed) / Voxtech (satisfaction) / Sercomtel (provider)
  • Pernambuco: Wantel (speed) / Ap Net (satisfaction) / Claro (provider)
  • Biao: Virtex (Speed, Satisfaction, and Provider)
  • Rio de Janeiro: Leste Telecom (speed) / Gigaline Internet (satisfaction) / Leste Telecom (provider)
  • great northern river: Netjat (Speed, Satisfaction, and Provider)
  • Rio Grande do Sul: Clean Net Telecom (Speed) / Conect Sul (Satisfaction) / Hi (Provider)
  • Rondonia: Globofiber (Speed) / Wianet (Satisfaction) / Globofiber (Provider)
  • Roraima: Amazônia Telecom (speed) / 4wnet (satisfaction) / Amazônia Telecom (provider)
  • Santa Catarina: Neorede (speed) / Mynet (satisfaction) / Neorede (provider)
  • Sao Paulo: Vivo (Speed) / Pamnet (Satisfaction) / Vivo (Provider)
  • sergeby: Claro (speed) / Anet Telecom (satisfaction) / Netgloria (provider)
  • Tocantins: Net Prime (Speed ​​& Satisfaction) / Toledo Viber (Provider)
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How is the calculation done?

In this study, internet speed tests conducted from January to November 2021, on the Minha Conexão website, were used. Each city required at least 3,000 tests during the scheduled period to be included – excluding some areas in each state.

Only providers with at least a thousand speed tests performed in the period participated in the award. It was also required that those evaluated have at least 3% of the sample of tests in the assessed area, so that the result would have statistical significance. Additionally, tests from the provider have had to take place in the past three months to ensure the company is up and running.

Experts estimate an analysis of 665,900,000 consumer ratings, as well as the result of nearly 15.67 million connection tests. The collected data was subjected to scrutiny by bots, which assessed potential fraudulent tests, as well as manual checking of the generated numbers in all regions.

In the “best speed” category, the average speed per IP (Internet Protocol, a number that identifies each network connection) of each provider in each city over a one-month period was used. The calculation took average download and upload speeds over 30 days – whose values ​​were applied as a percentage to determine usage.

According to Minha Conexão, 90% weight was given to download and 10% to upload. The download weight has increased because it better represents consumers’ experience with the Internet on a daily basis.

The “highest satisfaction” category is equivalent to the site’s internal ranking. When calculating the connection speed, users can give a post-test satisfaction rating, which ranges from 0 to 5. To avoid potential rating errors – and assuming that the same user can change his/her score over time – the rating is averaged by email address (the rating that conducted by various IPs) in the city where the provider was evaluated.

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Finally, the “best provider” is evaluated from the sum of the scores in the speed and satisfaction categories for each provider, taking into account their suitability for all analyzed criteria.

Do you want to know how well your internet is performing? We have a test to measure your internet speed:

Transparency note: Melhor Plano, a company that promotes speed testing, generally offers other phone package options after the test. If you make a purchase at their suggestion, UOL will receive a small fee for a referral.

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