Vietnamese Filet Mignon and Facebook


Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta had to explain why Facebook globally banned the hashtag #saltbae, To Turkish Chef Nusrat GokciAfter the spread of a video clip in which he presented a piece of meat covered in gold dust to Vietnamese General Tu Lam, Minister of Public Security and future leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Lamm, who attended the COP-26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland, was dining at the famous chef’s restaurant. The video was posted by Gokce himself on TikTok, but was later removed. Copies circulated frantically on Zuckerberg’s networks, sparking outrage in Vietnam.

The gold-plated Tomahawk slides cost £1,450 ($1,660). Vietnam has been defined as a lower middle income country by the World Bank. A state minister receives an official monthly salary of about 16 million dong ($705.47).

Gokce questioned Meta, who today re-established the brand’s trading. We opened this hashtag on Facebook and are investigating why this happened.platform spokesman said.

According to Reuters, Meta declined to comment on whether the Vietnamese government had requested that the video be removed. Vietnam operates one of the largest and most developed Internet influence networks in Southeast Asia.

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