Video: Zoo keepers try to escape from a gorilla that was released in the zoo

Video: Zoo keepers try to escape from a gorilla that was released in the zoo

Two zookeepers at the Fort Worth Zoo, in Texas, in the United States, found themselves in a dangerous situation when they found a silverback gorilla in an exhibit in the world of primates.

In a video clip, which spread on social media and received more than 96 million views, the gorilla, named Elmo, can be seen heading towards one of the guards, who is running towards the door.

He then uses the radio to call for help and slowly closes the door. The second guard was not able to escape until the animal moved to another part of the cage.

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According to Fox News Digital, the man who shared the photos on TikTok is named Ben and was the “responding security officer” at the time of the 2023 incident.

“On October 20, 2023, an incident occurred that caused two of our keepers to share space with a 34-year-old silverback gorilla,” the Fort Worth Zoo said in a statement.

“Fortunately, there was no physical contact between the rangers and the gorillas; All employees and animals are safe, the statement said.

“Every day, zookeepers move the gorilla group to their indoor habitat so the keepers can put the animals' lunch in their outdoor habitat. Due to a zookeeper's mistake, the team entered the yard without knowing that the silverback was still in its habitat,” the statement said.

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“Zoo keepers train these animals every day, and thanks to their knowledge and experience, they handled the situation calmly and were able to get out of the yard safely.”

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