Biden’s disapproval is at its highest level since his inauguration

Biden’s disapproval is at its highest level since his inauguration

The rate reached 56% in two studies; Percentage links alert Democrats one year before the election

Two opinion polls conducted from September 15 to 20 showed that US President Joe Biden faces the largest rejection of his term since his inauguration in November 2020. The polls were commissioned by nbc And the partnership between Washington Post And the ABC. Read the full research here (PDF – 635 KB) and here (PDF – 159 KB), respectively.

The poll results raised a warning signal in the Democratic Party. This is because, in addition to the huge rejection, the Washington PostABC It indicates that former President and Republican Party nominee, Donald Trump, will defeat Biden by 10 percentage points – 52% to 42%. Search the nbc It shows a tie with each candidate receiving 46% preference.

Research suggests that rejection is primarily driven by economic factors. to Washington PostABC91% of survey participants said that the cost of food is a negative factor in the Biden administration, while 87% expressed the same opinion regarding gas and energy prices.

The survey also says that 74% of respondents expressed concern about the economy and 75% were dissatisfied with their salaries.

actually nbc He reported that 59% of Americans disapprove of the economic situation, while 50% said they do “very upset” With the economy. Regarding American foreign policy, the poll showed that 53% disapprove of Biden’s behavior. In January of this year, this rate reached 50%.

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