Video: Rodriginho is criticized by artists after speaking about Silvano Salles on BBB 24

Video: Rodriginho is criticized by artists after speaking about Silvano Salles on BBB 24

Singer Rodriginho has sparked a new controversy on Big Brother Brasil, this time with the “arrocheira” category. Under fire on social media for the behavior of artists performing during quarantine during shows, as well as making comments about Ludmilla, the former members of Travisos targeted Bahia singer Silvano Salles on Friday night (26).

On that occasion, the pagodero mocked Davy, also from Bahia, because he said he admired the artist considered one of the pioneers of Arocha.

Rodrigueño spoke with Yasmin Brunet and Fernanda about the app driver's knowledge of celebrities and made a comparison between Luisa Brunet's daughter and the “Amor de Buzu” performer.

“He doesn't know, man. [quem é Yasmin Brunet]. Yesterday he was asking about Silvano Salles. “No one comes as I like, Silvano Salles,” he said, imitating his brother.

Giovanna Bittel even defended the artist and her colleague, saying: “Oh, but I love Silvano Salles.” Rodriginho replied: “Ah, you guys are from there [do Nordeste]. But from here…” he tried to justify, without completing his sentence.

Once again, El Bagodero's statement gained notoriety on social media. Online, artists such as João Gomez, Pablo de Arocha, Kart Love, and Carla Pérez came to Silvano's defense.

“What a lack of respect, Rodriginho! Respect the artists, respect Silvano, respect the Arocha!” Lucas Carte wrote.

“Just go to the wall and stay…the agent will tell you who you are here,” Pablo said.

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