Scooby is happy to know that Luana and Cynthia are doing well

Scooby is happy to know that Luana and Cynthia are doing well

Pedro Scobe took advantage of the entry of two new brothers in “BBB 22 inch (TV Globo) for Get the info About his wife, ex-wife and their three children.

Larissa first asked if Luana Biovani and Cynthia Decker got along well in his absence, and the sister said yes. Larissa stated that they “reconcile” with childcare. Scooby smiled, making a heart sign with his hands.

Then the surfer asked him if he had been “cancelled” from the program, and the young woman jokingly said, “Well, yes, it was cancelled.”

“Lost… lost custody of the three [filhos]Now,” said Gustavo, adding to the joke.

“Damn it! Not that,” Douglas laughed, making a “no” sign with his index finger. James agreed: “What a horrible one!”

Pedro, who took the comment as a joke, commented: “Another ‘BBB’ Luana’s Instagram should be away from each other, right.”

Luana Piovani was successful in the beginning reality show, saying that she will not watch the show and that Tado Schmidt is harassing her. She and Scooby’s current partner Cynthia Decker share custody of the children.

The model even praised the actress’ care for her children: “Caring for Cynthia is better than caring for the father himself.”

On the other hand, Scooby did not spare his ex-wife praise in several conversations during the program.

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