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Once again, a Russian trio passed through Belem, this time “secretly”, at dawn on Tuesday. The aircraft in question, a Tupolev Tu-154M, passed through Brazil for the last time in 2020, and this time returned in a discreet fashion, except for the noise of its three Soloviev D-30KU-154 engines, similar to the one used by a MiG interceptor. -31, one of the fastest aircraft in the world.

The plane that passed through the capital, Bara, was manufactured in Russia and serves the FSB – Federal’naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti – or the Russian Federal Security Service. The FSB is nothing less than a successor to the anthology KGB.

The KGB was the Soviet intelligence agency, which carried out actions similar to what the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and the CIA, or the Brazilian agencies ABIN and the Federal Police do. With the end of the Soviet Union, it was dismantled and became the FSB (the equivalent of the FBI with domestic operations) and SVR (similar to the CIA with international operations).

The route the plane took now corresponds to the itinerary of the last visit: a technical layover in Brazil to go to Venezuela and then Cuba.

There is no information on what the Soviet plane took, but the stop in Belem was short, only an hour and 30 minutes. order data Flight Radar 24 It appears that the plane appeared in Tunisia on its way to South America, and then reappeared again after taking off from Caracas bound for Cuba.

The video below, by observer Cesar Cardoso, shows the plane landing at Belem International Airport and the wonderful sound of its engines, which undoubtedly woke up some people from Barra this morning.

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