Video: A passenger in a hurry gets caught wearing only a bikini at the airport

An unusual situation occurred at an airport in the United States and ended up being widely reported on social networks this week

A somewhat unusual spectacle went viral on social networks this week. A female passenger who became “famous” after a video clip of her quietly walking through an airport ended up United StateOnly in a bikini.

A bikini-clad woman is seen at an airport in the United States – Photo: Reproduction / Internet

She and her companion seemed to be in a hurry, boarding passes in hand, but despite the bathing suit, she was wearing a mask. information from New York Post.

The footage, posted to the “Humans of Spirit Airlines” account, which shares unusual scenes at airports on planes and taunts the airline known as the “ultra-low-cost carrier,” came with the following description: “When you have a pool party at noon and a flight Spirit planes boarding at 4 p.m. At least she’s wearing a mask.”

It’s worth noting that while this is just another normal day in a South Florida airport, you can expect some airlines to deny you boarding. However, there is no standard for boarding dress code, but each airline can set its own policies.

Another important point to remember is that the woman was wearing a mask approved by US regulations and thus ensured that she would not be fined or even kicked off the plane for it.

watching video:

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