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President FranceAnd the Emmanuel Macron, on Monday (12) that it will be mandatory from August Submit vaccination certificate or negative Covid-19 test To enter restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, hospitals, planes and trains.

WHO says delta variable will prevail

The World Health Organization says the delta variant will ‘soon’ prevail in the world

Similarly, as of July 21, All people over 12 years old who want to enter the entertainment and culture venues with more than 50 peopleThis testimony must be given, Macron explained in a speech broadcast on television, such as cinemas or theaters.

The French President also announced that vaccination against a COVID-19 From now on it will be mandatory for all health professionals, nursing home workers and those who work with people at risk.

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, during a televised address on Monday (12) – Photo: Ludovic Marin / AFP

He warned that “they will have until September 15 to vaccinate them” under pain of sanctions. “Our country is facing an increase in the spread of the epidemic throughout our territory, both on mainland France and on other continentsMacron said.

He added, “The situation is under control, but if we do not act now, the number of cases will increase significantly and lead to an increase in the number of admissions.”

worried about the variable

An elderly citizen receives a Covid-19 vaccine in Mellon, France, March 26 – Photo: Benoit Tessier/Reuters

The announcements mark a shift in the French government’s strategy after several months of gradual lifting of restrictions and confirm concerns about the spread of delta variablemore contagious.

See 5 points about the delta variable
See 5 points about the delta variable

See 5 points about the delta variable

The number of new cases in France has risen to about 4,200 per day, according to the latest official data available, although the number of hospital deaths remains low. About 7,000 people with Covid-19 have been hospitalized in France.

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