Victoria Beckham worries about returning to England without David

It’s no secret Beckham has been living in Miami, Florida since late 2020, This, due to the work of the former footballer, who He has to take care of his team Inter Miami from MLS.

Since then, The ex-spice woman’s life was so “relaxed”, Well, he got a lot of time To live with his family, in addition, he became close, and was able to get to know his eldest son Brooklyn’s girlfriend, Nicola Belts. Not to mention that he got the chance to pick up A few days off from work.

However, everything seems to refer to it This “bubble” comfort is about to end for Beckham, Well, since the restrictions have been removed, Victoria is nearing her return to her daily life in the UK, which is causing her “anxiety” which means she needs to physically separate from David and stop seeing him for “indefinite” time. This was announced by a source close to the couple for the British media Heatworld.

Victoria Beckham worries about returning to England without David

In fact, the evidence says it all Victoria only postpones returning to Britain In order to stay longer in Miami, he did not want to leave David Beckham. “When the schools reopened in early March they had planned to return to the UK, but that meant they could not see David indefinitely.”Continued the source.

David said he could stay [en Miami] Implement it if she comes back with the kids [a Reino Unido], But she was not happy with that thought. There is some controversy about this because you worry that they are not on the same page. They both want the best for the family, Even if it causes tension, they know they will break it. He believes that staying in Miami for a while is the right decision and that children should continue their education with teachers and online. But he feels guilty for being away from his friends, “he concluded.

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In the meantime, Beckhams will continue to enjoy staying in Miami, At least until Victoria decided to return.

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