Vice Mayor of Recife Participates in Brasilia Meetings – Fulha Blog

Vice Mayor of Recife Participates in Brasilia Meetings - Fulha Blog

On a visit to Brasilia between 3 and 4 August, Vice Mayor of Recife, Isabella de Roldao, has an extensive agenda in the Federal Chamber, at the Embassy of India and at an event with the President of COP26, Alok Sharma, to discuss topics such as the dignity of menstruation, technological innovation and sustainable development.

This Tuesday (3) at 2 pm, the meeting will be with the Ambassador of India to Brazil, Suresh Reddy. The main objective is to share experiences to enhance the dignity of menstruation and the empowerment of women. The topic will also be on the agenda during the visit of the Women’s Secretariat and Women’s Advocate in the House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon (4), where the deputy mayor will discuss addressing legislative proposals related to the dignity of the menstrual cycle. At both the Embassy of India and the Congress, the Deputy Mayor will present the Sponsorship Course Programme, which was launched by Recife City Hall in July. Through the Ministry of Education, the project benefits, through access to information and the distribution of intimate hygiene products, about 17,000 students from the municipality’s network in a situation of social or economic vulnerability. The annual investment in the program is 1.5 million R$.

Alarming data shows that in Brazil, one in four women have already missed lessons because they are unable to afford tampons. This great loss of education for our young women is unacceptable due to the lack of access to this basic hygiene item. We need to join forces to ensure the dignity of the menstrual cycle for those who menstruate. I am honored to represent Recife City Hall and Mayor João Campos on this urgent agenda, introducing our Sponsorship Cycle program,” says Isabella de Roldao. Partnering with India as the Strategic Coordinator of International Relations for the current municipal administration, the Deputy Mayor will also have the opportunity to deepen the dialogue With India for future partnerships between the capital city of Pernambuco and the Asian country, especially with regard to technological innovation, clean energy production and sustainable urban development.

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As the sixth largest economy in the world, India is a very important partner for Brazil and for the capital of Pernambuco, which has the largest consular post in the northeast, with more than 40 representatives. Our goal is to strengthen Recife’s ties, especially with Bangalore, because of the innovation bias that both cities have. We have the Porto Digital Technology Park and we can add new partnerships in the sector”, confirms Isabella. COP26 The Vice Mayor’s agenda in the Federal Capital also includes a meeting with the President of COP26, Alok Sharma, on Wednesday morning (4), at an event promoted by the UK Embassy.

Mayors, governors, and CEOs of large corporations will meet to discuss implementing initiatives to neutralize carbon emissions. As the Cities Alliance Ambassador for Climate Finance for South America, Isabella coordinates efforts in the region to advance climate finance and sustainable urban development projects in line with the 2030 Agenda. In April, Recife became one of the first cities in the country to join the global campaign Race to Zero, which is committed to implementing Comprehensive, resilient, low-carbon climate action. The city is also part of the MCR 2030 (Make Cities Resilient) initiative to reduce disaster risk.

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