Veneziano coordinates meetings with UK MPs to address international issues of mutual interest

Veneziano coordinates meetings with UK MPs to address international issues of mutual interest

Vice President of the Federal Senate Veneziano Vital do Rego (MDB-PB) received a delegation of United Kingdom Members of Parliament this Wednesday (29) morning in Brasilia. An international organization of parliamentarians of sovereign states with national legislatures whose purpose is to mediate multilateral relations between parliamentarians.

On behalf of the President of the Assembly, Senator Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), welcomed the Veneziano delegation and coordinated a meeting to address international issues of mutual interest such as Amazon protection, economy, education, climate issues, security. Indigenous peoples and human rights, democracy and the fight against corruption, trade and energy.

During the meeting, parliamentarians recalled the regrettable episode of last January 8, when protesters incited anti-democratic acts in an attempt to stage a coup by occupying the headquarters of Brazil’s constituted powers. They said they appreciated Veneziano’s efficiency and promptness during his time at the helm of the National Congress and followed the events with due attention.

Entourage asked Veneziano to explain the reasons that led to the coup attempt and the measures taken by the Brazilian government to address the situation. They asked the Vice President to explain in detail the progress made with the bicameral system of Brazil’s parliament and the introduction of electronic voting in the country to put a permanent end to failures in electoral processes.

Veneziano explained the progress that the introduction of electronic voting brought to Brazil, the end of the usual fraud in the ballot voting system, and how efforts were made to create a climate in the country that favored the backlash of the reading test. “Paper Voting”. , which was promptly rejected by the powers that be. Finally, on behalf of President Rodrigo Pacheco, Veneziano presented the parliamentarians with a collection of the history of the Brazilian Senate.

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The meeting was attended by the following Members of Parliament: Holly Sloane, Fabian Hamilton, Karen Bradley, Jason McCartney, Kim Johnson, Mark Pawsey and Rosalind Scott, in addition to advisers and members of both countries’ embassies.

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