VALORANT: LGBTQIA Pride Cards + . available

Support for LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, a Riot Games offers two nicknames and seven cards From pride to saving. All content is based on media Of all sexual orientation and gender identity.

To retrieve the contents, the player simply accesses a file ransom page and insert a file cipher Any card or title he wants.

Check the icons:

player cards

The Seven Pride Cards represent LGBTQIA+ flags in-game, for players who are keen to flaunt their colors in-game. Valorant.

  • Rainbow [LGBTQIA+] – My post
  • girls hair [Transsexual] – girls hair
  • owner [Pansexual] – experiences
  • galaxy [Não-binário] – galaxy
  • sunset [Bissexual] – sunset
  • twilight [Assexual] – Twilight
  • ice cream [Lesbiandade] – Sherbert

An image of each of the pride cards and their respective tokens.


In addition, the company still distributes two titles to players.

  • pride‘, for LGBTQIA+ players use next to flags – JUBILANT01
  • allies‘, for supporters of the cause and the LGBTQIA+ community – JUBILANT02

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