Valeria Barcellos says it’s “a passion for young ladies”

Valeria Barcellos says it’s “a passion for young ladies”

“I really wanted to be able to say what TV doesn’t show. When I was a kid, I thought that being an artist meant having the ability to shrink and adapt to TV. Look at this kid’s head. Nowadays, I understand that ‘To be an artist, I have to To be much larger than the size of the television or movie screen, and here I am speaking poetically.”

The show features fictional characters – such as Brabi, a combination of “Barbie” and “Brabba” – live music and references to Rio Grande do Sul, Valeria’s home country. The show was created in a dawn filled with insomnia. “There are a lot of life stories too, and there are a lot of little lessons and subliminal messages in there.”

The premiere will take place a week after Valeria performs “Sururu da Val” also in Rio de Janeiro. She sang songs by big names in MPB, such as Alcione and Chico Buarque, and invited Valesca Popozuda to take the stage as a surprise. The funk singer watched the show in front of the audience and accepted the challenge after receiving “a little pressure” from Amore Lorenzo and Ramiro from “Terra e Paixão”. Like him, other actors from the plot also attended the show.

Valeria Barcelos alongside Diego Martinez and Amurri Lorenzo, actors from the movie “Land and Paixão” Photo: Paolo Aragon/Disclosure

In December, she hopes to release her next album, “Saravale” – a fusion of the word “Saravala” and the artist’s name. “It’s a real mix of sounds, and it contains three of my songs, played by myself as a composer… It’s produced by Andre Moraes, who understands me from the first chord, together with Lucinho Mauro Filho. “Espumas ao Vento”, “Super Homem” and “Geni eo Zepelim” are re-recordings on my album.”

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