Anna Maria and Anna Paula romantically live on Globo

Anna Maria and Anna Paula romantically live on Globo

Journalist Anna Paula Araujo and presenter Anna Maria Braga are affected live on Rede Globo as they talk The Death and Path of Paulo Gustavo.

Before ending “Boom Dia Brasil”, Anna Paula choked her voice when talking about the comedian’s life.

What light, what power, what Paul would do is missing

Anna Paula Araujo suffocated her voice when speaking about Paulo Gustavo

Picture: Play / TV Globo

Anna Maria Braga appeared shortly afterwards. The presenter spoke to Juliet, the heroine. “BBB 21 “ But she did not fail to comment on the death of Paulo Gustavo, one of the victims of Covid-19, at the age of 42.

Anna remembered his participation in “Mais Você”.

I have had the opportunity to work here with him. It was always delicious. I wish Thales a lot of strength, his children, too young, could not live together. Donna Dea, what a mother, losing a child is a pain a mother should not suffer. I sympathize

Anna Maria Braga - clone / TV Globo - clone / TV Globo

Anna Maria Braga sympathizes with Paulo Gustavo

Picture: Play / TV Globo

Anna said she needed to continue with the program, even though she was affected and felt the loss.

He truly took care of himself. Laughter is an act of resistance. Despite the mask and our broken heart today, let’s move on.

Earlier, I posted a photo with Paulo Gustavo, the owner of Dea Lúcia and Louro José.

He wrote: “You have been very liked here, and you will definitely be well received! There is another one of the good guys.”

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